The Point-to-Point System

The Point-to-Point pneumatic tube system is controlled by a microcontroller and a tube line must be run from each location to another location.  Each tube line requires a blower(s), an electrical circuit, and is completely independent of each other.  Items can be shipped one way (Back to one location only) or two ways (Back and Forth) from both locations. It is not computerized and has limited information if any error occurs. The Point-to-point system has limited options that can be added.  Additional stations require an additional system. Deletes and relocates are easily accomplished.

There are two types of Point to Point Systems

Pressure-Pressure System Diagram

Pressure-Pressure System Diagram

Pressure – Pressure System

System has a blower on each end and requires no control cable between the stations. Power is required on both ends of the system

Pressure - Vacuum System Diagram

Pressure - Vacuum System Diagram

Pressure – Vacuum System

System has a blower on one end and requires a control cable between the stations.  Power is only required on one end of the system.


  • Manufacturing & Laboratories

  • Casinos

  • Penitentiaries / Intake Facilities & Police Departments

  • Freight Terminals & Warehouses

  • Steel Mills / Foundries

  • Theaters, Department & Retail Stores

  • Car Dealers / Repair Shops

  • Parking and Toll Collection Facilities