The Full Automatic System

Full-Automatic System Diagram

This is a computer or microprocessor controlled pneumatic tube system. It only requires one main pipe that runs from any location and distributed, by using a diverter, to multiple other locations. Each location can send to each other location. Stations can be manual or automatic types. The system is monitored and informs you of the arrival of each and every transaction.  It will inform you of any system error should any occur. The Automatic system has many options that can be added.  Additional station, deletes and relocates are easily accomplished.  Stations may also be grouped into “Zones” to add more flexiablity and speed to the system. Additionally the system provides an audit trail of the last five hundred transactions that can be saved or printed without a computer.  With an optional computer, the system can be monitored in “Real Time” and supported locally, over our network, or via a phone modem. 


  • Hospitals

  • Penitentiaries / Intake Facilities & Police