110mm PVC Diverter

110mm PVC Diverter

6" Steel Diverter

6" Steel Diverter

System Compatibility

  • Semi-Automatic

  • Full-Automatic

Available Sizes

  • 110mm PVC

  • 4" Steel

  • 6" Steel

The Sumetzberger diverters are designed and constructed of steel and high quality components to deliver years of reliable service with minimal care. The offset is manufactured to ensure that it conforms exactly to the radius requirements of the US market. The offset is rotated to connect the single port end of the unit to any of the 3 ports on the opposite end. The offset is rotated by a v-belt drive on the single port end connected to 30VDC drive motor.  Utilizing dynamic braking and non-contact position switches assures proper alignment to ports selected. Sumetzberger systems typically utilize both vacuum and pressure modes of operation and bi-directional carrier is standard, great care was taken to ensure design requirements were met and exceeded. Self-adjusting gaskets are used between the offset tube and the end plates to provide the greatest integrity possible for air seals. This is critical for long lasting performance and allows the unit to be installed horizontally or vertically. Additionally, each unit houses a “state of the art” optical sensor to detect any carrier as it passes through the unit in either direction. This diverter has been engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards to ensure the smoothest transition possible and provide rugged, long lasting service. 

Standard Features Include:

  • 30 Volts DC Operation

  • State of the Art Microprocessor Controls

  • Positive positioning and optical sensor

  • Self-Adjusting Maintenance Free Gaskets

  • Can be installed in any position